Telemetry recording and logs

Hi guys! I have been using UGCS for a a while and recently I tried yo record a log of my flight however was unable to connect to my vehicle in the player menu.

Are there any specific settings required ?

I'm using a gopro and a Phantom 2. The idea would be to get the log from  UGCS and then geotag the gopro pics using the timestamp. If anyone has a suggested workflow that would be cool. I'm chasing some apps that might do the geotagging for me and will post any discoveries.



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  • Dear Nicholas

    I am very interested in hearing about your experience with Flytrex Core and with UgCS geotagging tool. May you tell us how did you do with it?


  • Thanks Alexey, will check it out !!
  • Hi, accidentally found this old discussion. Now UgCS 2.6 has geotagging function for all types of supported autopilots (including all DJI's).

  • Hi Guys, I have been experimenting with all sorts of apps and and didn't have much luck geotagging the images with Mission Planner.

    What I did was upload the logfile from UGCS to, and then downloaded it in tlog format. I then converted it to a csv file using Mission PLanner, opened it in excel and tweaked the
    columns. I managed to introduce them into the mosaic app, but separately as a log file, not geotagging each individual image.

    Still chasing a better solution, I ordered a Flytrex core and will see how that works out and will post as soon as I have any news.

    Meanwhile I found these tutorials on pix4d's page which seemed quite useful and got me started on the csv workaround.



    • You've done a lot of research oh this topic.

      Just for my own interest: did You try to create a model using manual anchor points? For our modest purposes that was enough.

      We will also continue work on this and possibly integrate some new features in our next release.


    • hi again my friend
      i am when connecting to APM with USB . i have not failsafe and the APM is armed
      but i am when connecting to APM with 3DR telemetry i have failsaif in the MP !!
      what do i do now ?
      thank you

  • Dear Nicholas,

    i'll try to help you. There are few things to know. U|g|CS always records telemetry while your vehicle stays connected. To get access to recorded telemetry you need to:

    1. go to "Player" tab;

    2. use timeline to find a correct period of the flight. Grey bar indicates that data exists.

    3. to export telemetry into xml log, please select vehicle and use "Export telemetry" command in the upper menu. 

    Please find picture attached. I hope it helps.


    Please feel free to contact us at

    U|g|CS technical support

    • HI Alexei thanks for the reply.

      The problem I'm having is connecting to the player, even with the EmuCopter, everything is blank.


    • Hi Nicholas,

      First, when You open up Telmetry Player, make sure to add the vehicle You have telmetry recorder from.3702689926?profile=original

      The player is constructed in a way, that it displays a fraction of time.

      If You see no telmerty (that would be gray marking on the timeline), then try to zoom out to a wider view or select the corresponding date which is marked gray, if contains telmetry:


      You can zoom in using mouse scroll.

      And here You can see the part, which has telmetry saved from vehicle:


      Additionally, You mentioned, that there is no info from Emucopter, that is true, we have disabled telmerty recording from Emucopter to not accumulate unnecessary data, because sometimes these files can get huge.

      Let me know if I can help You in any kind of way,


    • Hi Arturs thank you for the reply.

      So when I add my Phantom in the player window it should connect showing GPs, battery etc or only on playback of a mission ? I'm just a bit confused about the workflow. So I plan my mission, fly it, then in the player add my vehicle and search for the telemetry ? It's stored automatically and will only show as 'connected' when there is stored telemetry on the timeline ?

      Sorry for all the questions !

      Thanks again for all your help.

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