Telemetry recording and logs

Hi guys! I have been using UGCS for a a while and recently I tried yo record a log of my flight however was unable to connect to my vehicle in the player menu.

Are there any specific settings required ?

I'm using a gopro and a Phantom 2. The idea would be to get the log from  UGCS and then geotag the gopro pics using the timestamp. If anyone has a suggested workflow that would be cool. I'm chasing some apps that might do the geotagging for me and will post any discoveries.



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    • I understand now, when I scroll over the recorder area, the telemetry appears. I have managed to export the telemetry and will see how I can interpret it to try and geotag the photos.

      Thanks so much for the support guys, I will post any news related to the geotagging.


    • Hi Nicholas,

      in new release 2.3 you can export your mission telemetry to the and next download TLOG file from droneshare.

      With TLOG file you can use any existing tools to geotag images.


    • Great!! Thanks Alexey, will give it a try!


    • hi my friends

      i have a problem with 3dr

      i have a 3dr 433mhz and radio futaba T6EX and APM 2.6

      my 3dr when is fix to APM , my radio control is disconnected and my radio control when is fix to APM my 3dr is disconnected !!

      pleas help me what do i do for that any two fix to APM in one time ?

    • Hello Mohsen,

      As Futaba transmitters use 2.4GHz frequency but 3DR Radio uses 433MHz frequency, there should be no radio overlapping issues.

      Possibly You need to check if You have connected and set up everything correctly.

      I suggest You check out some set-up guides for Ardupilot or similar to make sure that all is correct, because in our experience we have never seen an issue like this.

      If You have any more questions feel free to ask here or You may contact us by writing

      Best regards,


  • Hi Nicholas.

    I look forward to hearing your findings.

    Dennis in this attached Youtube video explains some of the workflows that could be used

    • Thank You very much Alvin, I'll check it out!

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