ugcs open license photogrammetry disabled?

Hello all

I've testing the UgCS for photogrammetry, but recently its asking me for activation. Why have they disabled photogrammetry tool in open license?

I now have shifted to testing out the Pix4d capture which is working out quite well.

any way to use the older version of ugcs to use the photogrammetry tool again?

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  • It is huge, but it depends on how they calculate the time, and the size of the team. If the team is 3 people, then 36 is unreasonable. If the team of 12, then not so much...

  • 36 is a huge number

    id go with 20 man years

  • My guess would be about 36 man years, depending on the size of the team of course.

    Software development is a HUGE undertaking.

    I fully understand why photogrammetry was disabled in the free version. I just wish there was a trial of one of the higher versions so I could test it out to see if it would work for my company.

    Sorry to hijack, I just had to get in on the freebie offer. ;)

  • Photogrammetry rarely is something one does out of hobby. If it helps with something one is doing as business it is good to share the spoils. For other useful tools even for hobby we all are spending far more than 65$ asked for UgCS ONE.

    For the first one who guesses how many (+/- 2) man years have been invested in UgCS software so far I will send UgCS ONE license for free.

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