UGCS with AR droe 2.0 - "Route not accepted"

Hi There,

I am using the latest version of UGCS (Windows 10) with an AR Drone 2.0 . The majority of functions work in terms of connecting, getting telemetry data etc. However, whenever I attempt to upload a route the message "upload failed. Route not accepted" appears. I have looked at the log files and the following line occurs immediately prior to the upload attempt.:

" <WRN> 6 [mavlink_vehicle.cpp:1132] [My ARDrone:ardrone2_113666] Clear_all_missions all attempts failed."

I've also loaded up the Linux version of UGCS but it behaves the same way, with the same fail msgs.

 Is there some way I can get better intelligence as to what the problem is? 

Also, is there some way I can view or record the actual MAVlink msgs being exchanged?



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  • Hi Mike!

    Can you attach full log, please?

    And unfortunately, there is no way to view actual mavlink commands.

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