This group will focus and follow up on the construction of a carbon-fiber mould, solar powered, open-source programmed (APM2P & Arduino 2560 ADK) flying wing glider aircraft. Long range cellular telemetry and live control will also be investigated and likely implemented over the course of this project's completion by June 2013.

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  • this project must have been completed by now, how did it go? any video? build? flight report? specs?

  • any updates ?

  • Welcome to the lab! 

    Expecting APM 2.0 & DroneCell within two weeks. A multi-channel analogous tone decoder/transceiver system for airborne cellular applications is in the works.

    The Vegas Buzzard, a.k.a: 'Vegatross', will operate at roughly 28 Wh with 228 photovoltaic cells rated at 1/6 Watts each at max power. They are monocrystalline, 2cm x 4cm, ±18% η. PV cells might top 20% efficiency at high altitude due to increased UVA/B and decreased temp. 

    I am pondering over sculpting a plaster mould in order to epoxy CF fabric into a flying wing design.

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