• Manifold going cheap? Link here

    • The price just went to $612.... dang inflation. :)

    • Christmas time for ya.

    • Haha that is crazy inflation! Someone must have ordered the 'cheap' version. 

      I managed to pick up the TK1 for the $100. So looking forward to playing with this.

    • Huh? That can't be right. :) ... Seriously. I don't know if you can make a profit at $76.28, even if you manufactured the entire thing yourself. 

  • Kinect room scanning:

  • Power Switch (Auto Shutdown) Mod:

  • Today I contacted Ericsson & Huawei to help me find a Half-mini pcie 4g lte board so I can make better use of 4gmetry with APM. Fingers crossed I get some good support form these guys. 

    • @benbojangles Any luck finding a suitable 4G LTE half-mini board?

    • Unfortunately I have no reply yet. I have looked around the internet and only seem to find full-mini 4g lte boards, it would make the TK1 look a bit clumsy, i'd have to 3D-print a holder to keep it flat.

      The good news is, that my 3.5G HSDPA+ dongle works with Grinch Kernel without having to install anything (wvdial, ppp, qt) to Ubuntu. It already has a neat setup wizard. Here's a picture:


      (Green for Go)

      Now, I need to read up on enabling UDP over 3G/3.5G/4G, sending webcam video to the New Droidplanner app, installing and configuring mavproxy.

      I'd also be interested in learning about 4Gmetry from @Silvio.

      I'm sure it's a neat collection of scripts, i'm wondering if it is:

      - using wvdial, ppp qt, to make the 3G connection for boards not running ubuntu such as Odroid & Rpi2?
      - is it therefore limited to certain usb modems & supported/tested drivers?

      - is it also including mavproxy?

      - is it also including gstreamer?

      It's all really interesting anyhow. It's a totally new level of drone use. Too complicated for general users, but eventually should be good as a package.

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