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Why self-limiting to Pixhawk ?

Hey Silvio,Long time no speak :-) I am very glad to see that your product is evolving well and yes ! Becoming plug and play. Excellent,  mate !May I ask : why do you limit yourself to the "PIxhawk companion" on your Internet site ?Telemetry : Is this because the communication between AP and 4Gmetry is mavlink based ? Because I believe that more autopilots use mavlink. Also, the pixhawk has many "improved " versions like that excellent French version, but also cheaper chinese clones which are…

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4Gmetry 4

April 12th - Happy Birthday 4Gmetry! 1 years ago we released 4Gmetry I. Growing day after day, we reached 4Gmetry III. Thank you!4Gmetry 4 is coming, stay tuned on http://www.voltarobots.com

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