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Companion computers

Some non-technical reasoning I believe in strong decouplig of the autopilot and the companion (this doesn't mean they can't live within the same box). However plug&play is a great plus, as this means that I (final user) can buy an Iris / Pixhawk / wh

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What exactly is 4Gmetry?


I’ve been working on essentially the same thing for the past couple of months but mostly experimenting with various options, looking for the best (and practical) solution. I started by hacking a Nexus phone, replacing Android with Ubuntu. That

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modem vs dongle

I have been trying to achieve this for some time with no success. I have to take long breaks due to work.

First I started out with a DroneCell / APM and even with the help of Soren Kula didn't achieve success before I had to shelve it for work.

Then I

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