• @Rolly 4Gmetry III comes without 4G dongle, you can plug your own dongle. We do reccomend Huawei E3272. To use the already installed autolaunching OpenVPN, you should put your client.ovpn file on Desktop. On boot 4Gmetry sends automatically tlemetry data and video to the destination IP inside the VPN. Best, S. 

  • Hello,

    I'm looking at and considering the $GMetry III. Could you please confirm the following:

    - Does it come with the 4G dongle so all I have to do is install a SIM card in it?

    - Does it come with complete documentation to set up the VPN in both the PC and 4GMetry?


  • WoW! That's a steep jump from 4Gmetr III ($300) to IV ($600)!

    What's the justification?

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