• Is Jetson TX1 already fly with Kespry ?

    • Yes, and it looks like ZED has also been flying.... Also, some have already flown with the large TK1 board (

      The discussion about creating a small carrier board for TX1 is over here: 


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  • Brief Summary of Jetson TX1 and TX1 Module:

    NVIDIA's Jetson TX1 is a development kit for embedded supercomputing, specifically intended for computationally intensive applications such as machine vision and deep learning. 

    -> Credit card-sized TX1 Module (50x87mm) can be deployed in medium-sized Copters, Fixed-wings, etc. 

    -> Low power consumption: <10W during complex tasks 

    -> GPU-accelerated libraries/software tools (e.g., cuDNN, OpenCV acceleration)



    Jetson TX1 - $599 available from NVIDIA and their distributors

    TX1 Module - $299 (available in early 2016)

    Carrier Board:

    NVIDIA provides the large carrier board included in the Jetson TX1 kit, which includes a full set of I/O connections. The TX1 Module requires a miniaturized carrier board for practical deployment in UAVs. It is expected that smaller carrier board (i.e., credit-card-sized) will be developed by companies/individuals in the TX1 user community. A potential carrier board design has already been proposed by Auvidea ( 

    Integration w/ Autopilot (MAVProxy, DroneKit, etc.):


    The repo is open to accept PRs for content such as setup scripts to install all the various packages we need including MAVProxy, DroneKit, etc.  

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