• Sil-vio- will your new kits be shipping with the new oDroid XU4 board instead of the XU3?  My concern about your system is the 60-70 grams of weight on my Iris+...otherwise, I'm enthusiastic about adding this system to my long-range; BLOS projects for my UAV business.

    It seems the XU4 is both smaller, uses less power and is somewhat lighter.


    • Sure! We've already shipped some units. We're re-arranging the our offers, very liquid world, ever-changing!


    • Does the odroid-w have sufficient power to run your software and provide the same functionality as the xu4?

      That tiny form factor would let me integrate 4Gmetry onto a number of platforms.

    • Hi David,
      never tested.
      I do strongly suggest XU4 for video or multi thread applications. 

    • Got it - thanks. I note the odroid-w is also obsoleted.  Seems your solution flat-out kicks ass compared to the Raspberry-Pi based tlm over GSM solutions being experimented out there.

      I'm considering testing your solution on an Iris+, and later flying it on a long-range FPV aircraft.

      Is there any way to set the 4gmetry destination IP address by calling the 4g/LTE dongle # and having the odroid extract the IP address of the phone, then store the value? 

      This script (if possible) would set the odroid up without typing in commands at startup... or?

  • Silvio,

    we are trying to get in touch with you and your company but without success so far. We need to know some details about 4Gmetry Video/ Pro for a customer project asap. Please contact us (SYNOSYSTEMS UAV).

    Best, Tom

  • Hi Silvio,

    I see now points to 4Gmetry, and there is no longer an "open knowledge" section? I'm quite excited for Coriandola, and will gladly pay for a license for that when it's ready, but I have so many Raspberry Pis, Banana Pis, BeagleBones, etc. lying around that I can't justify buying another board unnecessarily. It would be great for me to be able to use my existing hardware and then use your software stack.

    • Sure!  write me privately for private Beta access of Coriandola flight stack!

  • Well done Silvio.

    I’m looking forward to see flight videos introducing 4gmetry.

  • I know we've spoken already, and I've already suggested what I think the open knowledge section needs:

    - step by step for gstreaming. Ideally with the command line commands

    - where to get a working mavlink + all the python dependences (there are many). Ideally with the command line commands

    - how to enable full HD from the C920 (since logitech don't support it)

    - UDP tunnelling for non-public IP/NAT-ed broadband (there are no non-public 4G sims here in Switzerland)

    - alternatively, a TCP based VPN (when both ends are NAT-ed..which is the majority of the use cases)

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