Why self-limiting to Pixhawk ?

Hey Silvio,

Long time no speak :-) I am very glad to see that your product is evolving well and yes ! Becoming plug and play. Excellent,  mate !

May I ask : why do you limit yourself to the "PIxhawk companion" on your Internet site ?

Telemetry : 

Is this because the communication between AP and 4Gmetry is mavlink based ? Because I believe that more autopilots use mavlink. Also, the pixhawk has many "improved " versions like that excellent French version, but also cheaper chinese clones which are certainly as  present on the market as the pixhawk itself.

Video : 

If the video does pass through your invention, than all FPVists are potential buyers, with or without   mavlink (for instance I could use 4Gmetry just as a VTX, and some LRS uhf TX/RX)

Just my 2 cents. I may have misunderstood something, sorry if that is the case.

Kind regards


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