APM Power Module with XT60

   I found out by chance that I had been running the Power Module with the 3DR radio telemetry on my 6s setup! The APM PM is rated for 18volts. The  6s Lipos at 25.2v are over the specs. Is there any power module rated for say ...... 30V? Or any other options?



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  • I run the 3DR module on my 5S Air Titan with Pixhawk with no problems.
  • http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__56855__HKPilot_Mega_10s_...

    The HKPilot HV Power Module incorporates both a way to power your HKPilot and accessories as well as report battery voltage and current back to the HKPilot for logging and telemetry data. This can be viewed in the HKPilot’s stored logs or live with a telemetry radio connection. All thru a single and tightly included 6-pin cable that directly matches the HKPilot’s/APM/PX4 connector. The on-board switching regulator outputs 5.3V at a maximum of 2.25A, and can be used up to 45Volts (10S LiPo) and at a maximum of 90 amps. The Power Module is ready to use with XT60 connectors pre-fitted, and shrink wrapped for protection.

    • Howard,

      This is exactly what I'm looking for. I was just about to order 4s motor and ESC when I saw the email notice of your reply.

      Thx, Brian

  • Although the 3DR power module is only rated for 4S I know for a fact you can run 6S on it, but there will be no warranty.  I have seen in the options menu within the MP a HV version, presumably it means High Voltage version.  I've not had a need for more than 4S so I can't speak to it further.  Good luck.

  • Hi Brian, I haven't seen anything this large out there, it's an interesting question, can you separate out your power requirements among diff batteries?

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