PID parameters

Do you guys have the chance to tune-up the X8 for the Arduplane PIDs and parameters?

Can you share the configuration data/parameter?

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  • turned it off initially...did a flight today about 40 minutes and 50km travelled..... (racetrack type pattern.) getting closer but still not happy, tends to overshoot on the downwind turns and the upwind leg onto crosswind it was perfect... More testing on Sunday, I'll be away with work for the next few days.

    I did have some issues loading the flight plan that I wanted, it kept losing a few waypoints.... Need to investigate that!  (write then read to confirm....tended to skip the last couple....) tried writing no waypoints, read to confirm then re upload,.. same thing....

    Also I put in a simple box pattern with a jump_to to loop the circuit 10 times,....after it completed the flight plan I still had plenty of time left so I tried restarting the mission. It would do the circuit once but wound not do the jump_to.... I really need to setup the HIL I think and play a bit!.  using FBW_A it was VERY soft......

    Just for info I am running 4s 6000 which at 18-22 m/s gives me an endurance of 60 minutes... (tested to 50 minutes...) 12000mah to come once I get it flying straight lines between waypoints!



  • Hi all, I have now had 5 flights (following waypoints..) with my X 8. Quite happy with the way it responds in stabilize mode but it snakes along with a little bit of wind. I tried manually pushing it back on track, and slowly it started to deviate more and more....As soon as I get it I'll post the PID's 

    Incidently I started with Toby's PID's. Wind today was between 3-5 m/s

    I can post the log files if anyone is interested.... The constant wandering is rather annoying when looking at the video from the gopro!

    Has anyone else got a X8 tuned to where they are happy with the performance in still air and wind? AND are you willing to share the magic numbers????!!

    Hopefully more updates in the next couple of days...



  • Hi,

    Today I used the PID settings posted by Toby Mills on my X8 and they appear to work great in calm winds.. great starting point! Any updates on these?


  • cool i start thursday

  • did anyone work on pid tuning?

  • i think they changed the winglets

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