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Hi All,

I joined this group a couple months back when I was trying to decide whether or not I should get an X-8. Thanks to all the discussions I have done just that. This is where again I need your help.

First of all I live in South Africa, I bought my X-8 through hobbyking as they seemed to be the most reliable. Unfortunately the airframe was shipped from the East and has now gone MIA (no insurance or DHL/UPS could be selected). The courier company tells me it has been in South Africa for a week now yet our Postal Service has no record of it. I made the order on the 12 January so I am very frustrated.

Can anyone recommend a supplier that I could purchase another X-8 who can DHL/UPS the package to South Africa? Thanks for the help.


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  • So after all my fussing yesterday and all the great help provided the package arrived today with no notice from the courier company. Thanks again to all and I am sure you will hear from me soon as I start the build.

    Cheers, Doug

  • If all else fails there is  : http://www.dronezone.co.za

    These guys were quite helpful to us in the past..

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      Just hold tight HobbyKing orders can sit for weeks in customs, was it on back order when you made the order?

    • Yaeh hold tight a bit longer.

      I bought my x-8 from hobby king (international warehouse)  end of Jan, and arrived last week, to New Zealand.

      So maybe yours should be near.

      Ive had nothing from hobby king not make it yet (from 15 purchases big and small)

      Hope it goes well.


  • http://Bevrc.com is trustworthy and have very quick shipping.  I purchased my black X-8 from them, I also posted the English manual on the hobbyking web site.



    Ray Grauberger

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    I have a two left Doug, R1800 each in sealed box. I'm in Randburg, JHB. PM me.

    • Hi Graham, Thanks for the heads up I will definitely take one of yours. I will PM you asap. 

    • Hi Graham, I have sent you a PM.

  • You could also look at --


    Their kit price is US$199 compared to FPVModel's US$299.  Big savings right there.

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