X8 Carbon with total weight 4kg

Hi Guys,

I had first maiden with my X8 carbon yesterday. This is my spec:

800 kV motor, max 1250 watt

13x6.5 propeller

2x 4S 5000mAH 25C

Castle 80A ESC

Total weight 4kg

my X8 failed to take off... could someone help me to give advice about my spec, which part should be replaced or else?

Thanks in advance,


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  • I don't think power is the problem, but you could do some damage to your motor with that large of a prop and 6S. I use a surgical tubing and paracord 'hi-start' launch to help get mine up to speed and up to 10-12 meters in altitude before starting my motor. Hand launching is dangerous (I got 14 stitches) and won't create enough speed to create the lift necessary to support that much weight. Your CG looks very close to where mine is.

  • Today, I change the propeller to 16x8 and battery to 6C 5000 mAh....but, X8 still failed to take off :(

    It was fly about 5 meters then fall.

    • 6C 5000mah is to weak. That will just deliver max 30 amp. My X8 took off at around 70 amp

    • @Tommy,
      I'm pretty sure he means 6S not 6C.
    • I fly 4S 6600mah (2x3300) and with 12x10 prop pull around 45amp at WOT. Plenty of power, but won't climb vertical, which is ok with me.

    • Jeff, how much weight your X8 ?

    • Which battery you use for your X8?

  • How did you attempt to launch it? Bungee hi-start or hand toss? Where was your CG? What happened when it was released? Nose dive, roll, etc.
    • I did hand toss. It seems not enough thrust to go up even in full throttle, so it just dropped. Attached picture where the CG was.



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