X8 crashed... will it ever fly again???

Hi everyone!!! as the title says, i just crashed my x8 and i was wondering if it can be fixed and be ready for another fly.

Im posting pictures to show you how it went :S and im asking you for help, if anyone has been in my position and tried to fix it would be really helpfull for me if you could share some tips. 

One important issue is that the right wing almost completely splits in two but im hoping that it has a solution for that






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    • Hi james

      Thanks for the reply! it was really useful for me to see another way to fix my plane! 

      i reinforced the wings by using carbon strips and it was super useful i guess it can be used for the nose too

      Reagards, take care 

    • just spend the $200 and get another one, that to me is the cool thing about foam. Your time has got to be worth something and with the supplies it's just not worth it.

  • Moderator

    Wheres the damage?? Steam works very well for bending foam back into shape and making it pop back out. (remove electronics)

    • hi Gary... just to tell you that steam worked just great and to thank you for the advise!.


    • I was worried about the aerodynamics, im also trying to figure it out how to join the wings with the fuselage so it doesnt detach and also to secure the bottom cover from the wing so it does not detach.


  • Pedrs,
    we can easily fix it. You have to glue the fuselage. In some parts put also tape with strings.
    I can produce for you a Carbon copy of the right X8 wing, and send it to you. I am in Greece, calculate the cost.

    • hi Vassilis!

      I use EPOXY, do you recommend other type of glue in particular? what would be the cost for one or maybe the pair of carbon wings? 


    • You should search for "Foam Glue" or "Foam-Cure EPP and EPO Foam Glue"
      Pay attention not to use any heat at all, not at all !! No way !
      I can build (carbon copy) the left X* wing at 30euro + shipment . I have the exact shape, so i will do a carbon copy.
      The shipment cost from Greece is 34euro (see: http://www.elta.gr/Portals/0/pdf/timokatalogos_dematon_2014.pdf )
      Thank you

  • The fuselage certainly looks fixable. Some heat, glue, and perhaps some additional re-enforcement (fiberglass, kevlar, or even tape) should make it strong. Not so sure about the wing. You could try embedding additional carbon fiber braces. It is hard to say how weak it is from the photos.

    You must have hit your X8 hard. I have had some spectacular crashes with mine. But, I always hit the fuselage, and my fuselage nose have five layers of kevlar.

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