X8 distance/endurance records

Hi all,

Reading that the X8 cruises at 10-12A (3S) with a speed of 60km/h and also reading that some have succesfully put 20Ah worth of batteries in her, she should be able to break the 100km endurance mark.  Anyone who has actually succeeded in that ? (or tried and failed?)

I'm looking for confirmation that the X8 can cover 100km in one flight (autopiloted).

Thx !

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  • U4eake,

           Nice work! I have download your tlog file.There are some questions for you.

               Why are there so many "FAILSAFE" messages in the hub?

               How do you set the first waypoint and the last waypoint.I mean can you tell me the tips about launch and landing ?

              Can you share your WP file?


    • 100KM

      Hi Zheng,

      The many failsafes are because I turned off the transmitter to test "out of range" behaviour.  The idea of this flight was to test for a crossing of the Channel from Belgium to England.  Ofcourse my radio doesn't go that far, so most of the mission would be out of radio range.  Naturally, failsafe was set to just continue the mission.

      Here is a picture of my mission planner setup.  I don't know if it is still needed to add a waypoint after the dojump command, but it was a year ago, when I did this test.3702486690?profile=original

    • yup, that was my 113km  flight from yesterday. here's the setup:

      batts were 3 x tunrigy 8400mah 3S, total 25.2 amps. All up weight 3.8kg.
      prop is a folding 14x8.

      APM 2.6 controlled the entire flight, from full auto bungee launch to the landing. No human intervention at all. 

      A few milestones on this flight for me: over two hours endurance (130min) and a night landing by the apm.

    • And what engine did you use ? :)

    • ah, it was a NTM Prop Drive Series 42­38 750kv / 785w.

      I think I can possibly eek a little more efficiency out of the x8, with a fixed prop and some cruise speed tuning. with li-ion cells, 150km should be no problem too.

    • from Sunday 150 km is not a problem :)


    • nice ;)

  • Yes, it can, I just covered 42km forth and back (total flight path 91km) spending 9900mah and still 3000mah left in batteries wich allow about 30km  flight.


  • 100KM

    Alright, finally made it today : 102km on the X8 on an autopilot flight (except for takeoff and landing).  It made 45 laps on a 2.17km circuit and then loitered for 5 more km's with a 75m loiterradius.  All at 85m AGL.  Flight lasted about 1.5 hours.

    Onboard were also a kodak ZX1 camera, a 200mW 5.8Ghz videotx and a minimosd, all powered off the main battery.

    I'm very happy :-)

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