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  • @Ronald- I am open to other models. Do you know where I could find the models? I pan to build a few in Carbon with solar cells laminated into the upper surfaces.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  • Hi

    I got the files somewhere. Will search and put a dropbox link to them :)

  • Someone might be able to use their camera or smartphone to generate a 3d mesh render of the model, I know there are some apps available. (123D Catch)


  • Do you need a 3d model of the X-8 or something similar? Skywalker has not released CAD for the X-8, but there are several similar Blended Wing Body aircraft for which CAD exists. Some have CAD based on well defined (mathematically) airfoils. Such aircraft tend to be designed for composite or 3D printing fabrication.

  • Does anyone know where I can find a 3D model of the X8?

    Thanks in advance,


  • Does anyone know where I can find a 3D model of the X8?

    Thanks in advance,


  • https://youtu.be/y2pmUHo0cVI

    Here is a video proving that the gopro cam does get charged from the x8

  • Okay  here is my problem. I have attached 2 different go pro cameras to my 3dr x8 and plugging in the little usb cable that sends video signal thru the 3dr flight view fpv setup. I noticed that the go cameras show that they are being charged thru the power on the x8. When disconnecting the  cameras to down load they will not charge now and can not download data thru the usb cable to my computer. My week old gopro 3+ will not charge when hooked to the computer or the wall socket. Are my cameras being shorted out by the power from the x8. When contacting 3dr they tell me that the go cam does not get power from the x8, but it does! I shot a video of my cam on my x8, showing the bars counting off and the bottom red light on!! Both go pro cams still power up and video tape, but I cant charge them!!! I have contacted go cam, and of course they never heard of my problem! I had an Iris with the same setup, but never saw the go cam being charged thru the iris. Anybody else had this problem. I can return my newest go cam I just bought, but cant use it on my 3dr x8 in fear of shorting out the usb!!

  • Admin


    Thanks for the tip. I will definitely keep it in mind:-)



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Skywalker X8 Launcher Plans

I recently built an X8 launcher and thought that I would share the plans. The legs are removable, but at the moment, not adjustable. The trigger isn't anything special and I hope to modify it eventually. It currently is made up of a door hinge with springs welded between it and an extension on the top. The launcher that I built is rather heavy given that it is made out of iron, but the design it is based off of is made out of aluminum. Here is the link to the bungee that I…

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X8-M with gimbal loadout?

I am considering getting to the X8-M for the 2D mapping and the option for 3D point clouds. The frames appear to be the same as the X8+. Is it possible to change out the mapping camera with the Tarot 2D Gimbal Kit as an optional accessory?ThanksJason

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Problem in pitch shaking

Hello,everybody here,there is a problem in my flying wing plane x8:http://diydrones.com/forum/topics/probl ... e=activity The plane takes off by the launcher.I have finished the auto tune of the PID.After the taking off in auto mode ,the shake in the pitch shows as follow.Can anybody help analyze the reason.Thanks!

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