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Aerovisual posted a discussion
Hi;I'm planning to use the telemetry modules to connect to Arduinos using serial.On the product page it says the RX-TX voltage is 3.3 volts. Should I use a voltage divider on the serial lines or the pins are 5v tolerant? (I will be using non 3v3…
Mar 7, 2016
Aerovisual replied to Aerovisual's discussion Mid-Flight Voltage drop
"Hi;I did calibrate the module. It's a 3DR clone (HKpilot), i set the module as a 3DR power module on a 3DR APM. My readings for the voltage and the current looks accurate.
I've tested it with a spare 4s battery that was lying around. It was 25c and…"
Oct 8, 2014
Aerovisual posted a discussion
Hi,i'm running an F550 frame with an APM (hkpilot 2.7) and E300 propulsion system (15A Opto esc's).Whenever i'm in the air the battery voltage drops below 11 volts with a fully charged pack. My current readings are around 20A at full throttle. Im…
Oct 3, 2014