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Upload succeeded, but verify failed

Hi I am having a few issues uploading the firmware using the APM mission planner for some reason something is not working right. I am have tried various code AC 2.0.35 and APM 2.2.1And now the code that was working fine seems to be corrupted. If anyo

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Mission Planner WIKI

Hi Michael

Is there an APM Mission Planner WIKI or a manual explaining the various screens and the functionality, syntax etc. of the myriad of things that can be done with this very impressive piece of software.


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RC TX RX Range test

Hi all

I have a bit if a daft question. How do you do a RC range test with a quad?I have read all of the WIKI and searched all the posts but come up with nothing. Which to me seems odd as Range checking should be the first safety step before flying.


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