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just a newie very impresed by this quadcopter world

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Verona, Italy

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Alberto Casu commented on Alberto Casu's blog post ZuCopter - FullAuto Test #1 including copter flyaway - recovered :)
"Hi Chris, thanks for your suggestions. You are right, my arducopter layout is the one you described.
I sow nowdays the newer Arducopter pictures have the APM on the upper Platform and now I undersand the resason :-).
Do you think the interference…"
Apr 27, 2013
Alberto Casu posted a blog post
 I’d like to share my experience with my copter (aka ZuCopter) during my first full test using AUTO mode. My quad is ArduCopter, 3DRobotics Quad-C frame using APM 2.5 Firmware 2.9.1bThe plan was to go around the house, full automated, including…
Apr 27, 2013
Alberto Casu replied to Andrea Gavagnin's discussion APM 2.5 problema USB in ArduCopter Italian Group
"Domanda banale, perdonami...
Hai aggiornato il Mission Planner? Che versione hai?"
Jan 5, 2013
Alberto Casu replied to Simone Chiaretta's discussion Building an quadcopter
"Ciao Simone,
Good to see you have another equal interest as mine :-)
I am in a similar situation like you: waiting for the frame to come out to start with it.
If you want to start soon, you can already go for all the electronic part.

Sep 19, 2010
Alberto Casu replied to Adam Shamblin's discussion Building my first quad.
"Hi Adam, i sow you had no luck with this thread :-(
Since I'm moving (like you) my first steps in this quad-world and I'm trying to get more info before I start, I wonder which choice you did for the radio transmitter.

Many refer to the Spektrum…"
Aug 21, 2010
Alberto Casu commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Announcing ArduCopter, the merger of the ArduPilot and AeroQuad projects!
"Hello Guys, I am new to all this UAV world, and I am still trying to get all the information to start.

One thing I do not understand about the community tools for the Arducopter project. Why are we all typing comments to this Chris's blog post,…"
Aug 12, 2010