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Alberto Lpz commented on Gary McCray's blog post fly hexacopter with single motor failure?
"I've benn very interested in this topic... I had an idea, that maybe could be a bit crazy but enough to save the expensive RED cameras: something similar to the ejection seat on the planes with a paragliding... 
now you solves two problems, the…"
Nov 18, 2012
Alberto Lpz posted a blog post
I've been developing a hexacopter with a new code, using the Arducopter libreries. As a testing work bench, I've been using a platform like the pictures above. In this way you can test it safety without any accident or crashes with material…
Aug 20, 2012
Alberto Lpz commented on Jerry LeMieux's blog post UAV Courses
"I have read that all the courses in USA relationated with UAV are forbiden for non american citizens.... isnt it?? "
Apr 13, 2012
Alberto Lpz commented on Luke Olson's blog post Hexacopter Frame In Progress
"Hey,cool!!  i'm trying to do something similar. Which Cad design program have you  used?? 
Maeby the battery must go as center as you can...
Have you think about folding it?? 
Sep 16, 2011