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Missing reverse parameter

Why do I keep getting "Reverse parameter missing" when I enter radio setup in the APM planner? I had planner version 1.0.98 and AC2 .50 loaded. I had it flying with .50 loaded and I went through a lot to get the reverseing to save. I went back into t

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Z axis accel implementation

I read a post somewhere about activating the Z-axis accel. Can't find it now.


I would like to activate the Z-accel to stabilize the altitude at hover. Want to be able to demonstrate the push the copter down and it pops back up to where it was.



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Flying indoors, do we need GPS?

I have an ArduMega 2560 with GPS and Compass to install on a Quad frame. I would like to be able to fly this indoors and outdoors.

Is the GPs required for the system initialize or fly stabilized?

Can it be disbled via a switch?



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