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iOS Ground Control Station...Its Alive!!!


I've been wanting to make a GCS for my iPhone for awhile now but finally got the time to start working on it! The GUI is very very basic as of now, with only an attitude indictor that displays only roll. I'm concentrating on cleaning up the mavlink implementation and then i'll make a nice GUI.

The way i'm currently communicating is an Arduino w/ Ethernet shield connected to a old wireless router(i'm in college and money is tight, so no WiFly or Bluetooth 4 Module).

I'm just sending UDP packets with the RAW MAVlink data...All the encoding/decoding messages is done on the iPhone. What this means is that bluetooth 4, a wifly module or and other way of sending the Serial data from the xbee will work with little effort. The Arduino is just relaying the data through the router.

Here is an example of the pitch, roll and yaw data being received:


Planned Features(So Far):

- VFR Heads-Up display

- Arm/Disarm Toggle (3 second hold to enable/disable and throttle must be 0)

- Show Copter position on map

- Edit PID's In-App

- Change flight mode (Stabilize, Acro, Auto, Loiter, etc.)

- Create/Edit/Delete waypoints

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