Tewksbury, MA

About Me:

I Have been messing around with computers since I was a child. began programming at around 13 years of age. Love taking things apart. messing around with technology, and creating things. 3d Printing is how I make ideas come to life. I am currently working on an internet security startup, 3d printing start up. and a drones development startup. So much math so little time. www.ozonedrones.com

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

I love multi-rotors simple to control and navigate and tight spaces. Recently began studying planes, and have an interest in VTOLs.



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Andrew Ocejo commented on Celal ÖNEN's blog post FPV Monocular Head Mount Micro Display for Aerial Video
"I purchased two of these mono displays on ebay, about three months ago for the purpose of making my own 3d printed binocular display module. Resolution is low. But it sure does makes a cheap FPV headset, among other things i am looking to make a VR…"
Mar 25, 2016
Andrew Ocejo commented on Andrew Ocejo's blog post DIY HDMI video Downlink for under $300
"@Julian Excellent find, I was looking at the b100, which was not compatible. Thanks for the correction! This changes everything, for many of my current projects. Auvidea has come a long way this is great!
And thanks for the Jetson share,  I was…"
Mar 7, 2016
Andrew Ocejo commented on Andrew Ocejo's blog post DIY HDMI video Downlink for under $300
"@Fnoop Thank you for the kind words. I updated the post with weights. It completely skipped my mind to add that very import Spec. UAV side is 10oz, GroundStation 1lbs 5oz.

@John Rambo You are correct, indeed it was a typo. I fixed it to an…"
Mar 7, 2016
Andrew Ocejo posted a blog post
What you will need: -2x Ubiquiti Loco M5 NanoStations ($140 on amazon.com) -1x Tx/Rx Kit, Jtech-Digital , or Distancer, HDMI to ethernet over IP ($120-$140 on amazon.com) DIY List:     -2x Power step up modules.     -2x Power step down modules.   …
Mar 6, 2016