An interesting addition to the fpv world, a small lens mounted monocular monitor connectible to most fpv receivers. But the quality and useablility? Time will tell.

Dimensions: 15.2*11.3*9.2mm , Net Weight:<15g

Virtual Size: 78 inches screen (Fictitous distance 2 meters)
Resolution: VGA 640X480
Video Input: Simulation CVBS
Viewing Angle: 26°
Operating Voltage: DC3.5V-5V
Operating Current: <120mA
Power consumption: <0.6w

Package Included:
1 x Monocular Display
2 x Ocular
1 x Video  Wire
1 x Manual

Product Link here

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  • Not bad!

  • Hasn't anyone tried anything (A "MOD") with google glass yet?

  • Hi ben,

    It's more than resolution.

    Under the best of circumstances FPV is difficult.

    Existing Goggles (such as Fat Shark) suffer from too small an image and generally their cameras from too narrow a field of view to give you a comfortable immersive experience.

    Particularly if you want to fly high performance.

    There is also the really unpleasant sense of vertigo you can easily get when your brain loses sync with the image.

    I have an Oculus Rift DK2 and it is potentially infinitely better at this than the normal goggles and trying to use a single eyepiece and do other things with the other eye is mostly a serious vertigho headache just waiting to happen.

    I would say you need a very wide angle display (like the Oculus) very high non-pixelated resolution (Apple IPAD Mini Pro perhaps), a really solid individual eye focus system that lets you focus on the screen without any eye strain and a clear bright sharp image that doesn't pixellate or breakup as you fly.

    Basically a second rate system really just doesn't fly at all. 

    Right now, Fat Shark goggles and their kin are really just barely usable and what is really needed is something better, not something cheaper.

    And flat panel displays mounted to your transmitter really don't actually permit a first person experience at all.

    You may be able to see what your camera is seeing for setting up individual shots, but it is very difficult (and not fun) to fly a multicopter or plane using them.

  • I purchased two of these mono displays on ebay, about three months ago for the purpose of making my own 3d printed binocular display module. Resolution is low. But it sure does makes a cheap FPV headset, among other things i am looking to make a VR display and augmented reality headset with these for proof of concept before I switch over to LCOS micro-displays which have way better resolutions, but the development platforms are rightfully more expensive. My 3d printed headset using these displays are almost done, I will likely make a blog post sharing my work when they are completed.

    @benbojangles I wish they had better resolutions, I haven't been able to find higher resolution micro displays without seeing an exponential increase in price.

  • would you guys use it if the resolution was particularly good?

  • As this product stands, it does not seem usable in any real sense of the word.

    Apart from the color fringing which looked atrocious, the mounting system is a joke, completely not usable in the real world.

    A dedicated monocular system mounted to a dedicated frame might be possible, but due to lack of adjustability of focus, my guess is this thing is only good for producing a lasting case of eye strain.

    If you want to fly FPV either use a dedicated screen or get a decent pair of goggles (or wait for the HoloLens).

    This is a badly designed toy.

  • The first 15 min of the videos consist of fiddling with the gadget. Go to part II at 5:00 comment!

  • Before buying, watch these videos from RC Model Reviews

    Part 1:

    Part 2:

    Waiting for part 3

  • Moderator

    640*480 ?! For what?

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