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PX4=Getting Much Better

With a new replacement board my impression of the PX4 is much, much better so I am removing the initial post. All works better including a perfect connection to MP every single time via usb and no lipo power. Thank you Craig and the testing shall go

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PX4 motors rev up after yaw command

Just got my new octo into the air and seems fine with incredible loiter but after a yaw from stick or automation, there is an aggressive rev up of the motors. Tried a bunch of gain changes but no luck. Anyone experience this before? Got a job in coup

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Is it just me???!!!

I was looking for a controller board for a large octo I'm building and figured I'd go with a DJI WKM-M or a ZeroUAV YS-X6 but after looking at there flight planning software my jaw dropped!!!

Both companies flight planning software is just a steaming

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