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Ano M3 replied to Ano M3's discussion Sudden voltage drop - Power module or battery?
May 26, 2016
Ano M3 posted a discussion
Attached a screen cap of the logs.Experienced this just as I was coming back to land.Aside from the logs (and my telemetry) showing the spiking, I could not tell any difference.Any idea of how to diagnose if this is related to my power module (or…
May 26, 2016
Ano M3 posted a discussion
So I have finally done a savetrim on my quad.The offsets are quite large. I have attached a pic of what mission planner shows when the quad is sitting at home on my level floor.Is this OK?I have checked and AHRS trim X/Y have both been…
Mar 31, 2016
Ano M3 posted a discussion
After having tuned my loiter mode's horizontal parameters via LOIT_MINA / LOIT_MAXA / LOIT_JERK to my liking I am finding Loiter mode quite nice now.Its actually my mode of choice now. Bumping those two up along with the max speed has made a huge…
Mar 19, 2016
Ano M3 posted a discussion
I just installed a MB1242 on my pixhawk.Appears to be working a-ok.I just want to confirm, the "sonarrange" in the status tab in Mission Planner is in meters correct?In my case, it goes to 0.19 when the quad is on the floor. And when I lift it to a…
Mar 10, 2016
Ano M3 posted discussions
Mar 7, 2016
Ano M3 replied to Christian Mauch's discussion Safety First: 100A & 200A Hall Sensor with BEC for Pixhawk / APM
"While I can't quite comment on this exact piece as I do not own a Drotek power module...

A few months ago I did order a drotek GPS module.

Was quite unhappy with it. Even though its supposedly the same as the clone M8N I ordered off goodbang, it…"
Mar 5, 2016