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QGroundControl Usability Test Report


We’d like to share the Usability Test Report [1] we did for QGC. This report is about the findings from the test which the main purpose was to observe final users dealing with the software interface to address gaps and opportunities from a more realistic point of view improving the overall usability.


Comments and suggestions are welcome. We hope the material is useful for future implementations.


Please, contact us for any questions.





Beatriz Palmeiro

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Drone's related UI benchmark study


We'd like to share with you a study around the current state of UI related to drone flights to find positive aspects and improvements areas on them.

14 tools were analysed through video tutorials, technical specifications and actual usageAny tools and applications, mobile or desktop, which deal in some way with flight planning and monitoring. They are not necessarily Ground Control Stations. The experience were evaluated accordingly with how they support users achieving goals.


It was done on September, 2015. The features evaluated were the ones available until that. If you find any mistake on this document, please report it to us.

We are intending to release studies like this regularly, so if you think it's useful for you someway, please give us any feedback. 

Here you can access the entire report and here you can access an interactive graph with the findings.

Hope you enjoy!

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Users feedback report around GCS software

Hello, everyone.

As many of you already know we are putting a strong effort on investigating possible improvements that could be done on Ground Control Stations interfaces. We would like to thank everyone who spared some time helping us with our 1st round survey (results can be seen on the link below).

1st Round - GCS Users Feedback 

By now, we prepared a 2nd round survey that aims to refine the results and gather more feedbacks and insights from the community. The new survey is on the link below.

2nd Round – Ground Control Stations – Detailed usage

We are extremely happy to share the results with the community, but we really need your help to spread the survey and gather as many user responses we can. So please, share the link with the world.


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I'm investigating the UI of many GCS to propose some improvements and I'd like to hear the opinion from people who really use this kind of interface. I've started a discussion about that and now I'd like to gather more details.

So, if you can help me, please take some minutes to answers few questions about that:

The results can be followed here:

Thank you


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