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Copter LEDS with APM2?

Is anyone successfully using COPTER_LEDS with APM2.0 and ArduCopter 2.7.1?

I got some of these LEDs from HK, they seem to work OK, they're very bright when plugged in to the analog ports on my APM2.  

I'm trying to just get MOTOR LEDS working, so I con

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Loiter Tuning

I flew my 3DR-B tonight in startlingly windless conditions.  It was the first time I've really tried to test Loiter.  I got the quad into a nice stable hover (it was hovering practically dead still in these conditions with no control input at all) an

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3DR-B APM2 quad

So like many other people on this site I am attempting to build a quad-copter drone.  I have some experience with RC helicopters (I have a Blade 450 and mcpx) and I'm a software engineer so this seemed like a fun project and a good way to take my hob

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