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Tricopter v2.5 Pilot

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Tricopter v2.5 Pilot

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Bryan Schwartz commented on jim C.'s blog post RVJET with autopilot APM 2.5
"Did you develop this parameter with or without the wing extensions installed?
How well does it turn for you in fly-by-wire mode? I find that its turns are far too gentle with my parameters and I can't seem to get it to increase the turn angle. The…"
Jul 3, 2013
Bryan Schwartz replied to Andrew Tridgell's discussion ArduPlane 2.73 released
"Has anyone been able to get the new ELEVON_OUTPUT mode to work? I tried this by setting my transmitter to normal aileron/elevator output and when I move the sticks on the controller the surfaces move the correct direction but in autopilot mode the…"
Jul 3, 2013
Bryan Schwartz replied to Kristian's discussion Need more throttle/thrust!
"So I realize I'm reviving and old dead thread, but after much searching I couldn't find an answer to this problem that suited me. I understand the need for headroom for stabilization, but in my case there was way too much being reserved, even though…"
Dec 16, 2012