Traverse City, MI

About Me:

I am a 38 year old MSU student with a background in Plant Sciences and Viticulture.

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

As an autonomous engineer, I have refocused my professional efforts on UAV's - specifically precision agriculture and security applications.


Traverse City, MI.

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BuildCentric posted a discussion
At the present time, all commercial use of UAS technology is grounded pending release of FAA guidelines. These guidelines have been delayed numerous times. Let the FAA know you believe in UAS and the positive impact it will have on the U.S.…
Jan 24, 2014
BuildCentric replied to Paul Henckel's discussion GSM enabled drones for use in agriculture - a design study in Agricultural UAVs
"I am curious to know how you are planning to address the battery issue. Specifically using the Aeryon Scout referenced in your report - the battery life is quite limited. Therefore, if a human is needed to change our battery packs on a regular basis…"
Jan 23, 2014
BuildCentric posted a discussion
I'm sure many of you are familiar with "game of drones" airframe on Kickstarter. It claims to be virtually indestructible and from the videos - it does seem extremely resilient. Take a look at…
Jan 23, 2014
BuildCentric posted a discussion
Hello everyone. We are working on a new battery technology and we have been unable to find good information regarding the most popular multi rotor platforms. If you had to list the five most common models that you see day to day - what would those…
Jan 12, 2014
BuildCentric commented on Marque Cornblatt's blog post Vacuum Formed, Water Proof, Battle Quad Project
"This is really impressive. The Drone Vs. Shotgun video blew me away. Nice work."
Jan 9, 2014
BuildCentric replied to Tony Hancock's discussion XAvian UAV Project - Open-source
"Hello Tony: Can you elaborate on your 24/7 autonomous operation? I would love to know more about your design and setup."
Dec 28, 2013
BuildCentric replied to Kenneth R. Pybus's discussion Drones in Agricultural Use
"Hello Sir. As a farmer myself, I have been working on farming applications for quite sometime. My efforts are less related to photography and mapping - and more directed towards actual day to day, labor reducing uses of the technology. How can I be…"
Dec 28, 2013