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CaptCanadaMan posted a discussion
Hey everyone, I'm looking for a little help figuring out where my problem is. I'm using a new APM 2.5 with 3DR power module and 915mhz radios. This is packed into a Maja airframe. Using Arduplane 2.71, Mission Planner 1.2.46, and a windows 8…
Apr 25, 2013
CaptCanadaMan replied to CaptCanadaMan's discussion Auto flight mode momentarily jumps to stabilize and back
"Well I seem to have isolated the problem to a slight fluctuation in the pwm signal out of my tx. I'm using a spektrum dx8 and have two 3-position switches to choose from. I am able to adjust the two end points pwm output, but not the center…"
Nov 14, 2012
CaptCanadaMan posted a discussion
Hi all, I seem to be having some issued in auto mode. I'm running 2.8.1 on the board, and mission planner 1.2.18.Basically, the quad hits the first waypoint and heads for 2, then will turn back to 1, hit it then head for 2 again. 95% of the time…
Nov 13, 2012
CaptCanadaMan replied to jbabio's discussion MAVLINK not connecting in windows8 (Xbee)
"You can try downloading 1.2.18.msi as it supports windows 8. I was having the same issues as you with .17 although I was able to make it work and posted how here. Its a short thread, solution is a couple of comments down. 

It would be interesting…"
Nov 13, 2012
CaptCanadaMan replied to CaptCanadaMan's discussion Mission Planner Install on Windows 8

I just downloaded version 1.2.18 of the mission planner, released earlier today, and it installs perfectly on my Win 8 machine. I've tested it by connecting via usb and 3DR telemetry, both work as usual. 

It would be really great if…"
Nov 8, 2012
CaptCanadaMan posted a discussion
Hi all, just starting out with all of this so forgive me if I've missed a post that already covered my issues... I've been a mac user for years, and just picked up a small acer laptop running windows 8. I've been trying to install the Mission…
Nov 6, 2012