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I am interested to find out how UAV can be implemented using softwares and hardwares.



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Chester commented on Jason Short's blog post What's up with original Ardupilot? (not APM)
"// This hack is to control the V2 shield so we can read the serial from
// the XBEE radios - which is not implemented yet
void setGPSMux(void)
#if SHIELD_VERSION < 1 || GPS_PROTOCOL == 3 // GPS_PROTOCOL == 3 -> With IMU always go low.…"
Nov 24, 2010
Chester replied to Recmaster's discussion NewSoftSerial and AP 2.7.1
"If i use the library for ardupilot board(not mega) can use the xbee transmit data and GPS at the same time?? there are only 1 serial port? which board you use?"
Nov 24, 2010
Chester posted a discussion
i,everyone, i was thinking about use the xbee module to upload the data into the ardupilot board during  flight, such as i can change the waypoint when the aircraft flying. but i use the ardupilot board, the serial port is used by the GPS. is there…
Nov 24, 2010
Chester commented on Michal B's blog post ArduPilot successful flight simulation

I'm using X-plane simulation. When i start the program controlling maually, only my aelirons and elevator does move in the simulator. My throttle and rudder are not moving at all. Does anyone know why this happens? I am using ardupilot with…"
Aug 19, 2010
Chester commented on Mark B's blog post My Ground station Beta 2 modding
"Is it possible if i do ground station using Visual Studio 2008( C#)? How does the aircraft data from xbee can be seen on visual studio?"
Aug 1, 2010