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Chris posted a discussion in ArduCopter User Group
I have narrowed down the issue to the pre-flight test. I'm currently using APM 2.5 with firmware V2.7.3E.g.By hand, roll the ArduCopter to the left. The left motor command should increase. The right motor command should decrease.andUsing the…
Oct 9, 2012
Chris posted a discussion in ArduCopter User Group
The Octo that i've constructed weighs roughly 4kg, with motor to motor distance of 1 meter, with 12" props and is able to lift off at 40% throttle. However, during the PID calibration testing (fastening a pole along one axis), i'm unable to control…
Oct 1, 2012
Chris replied to Duran - ALTI's discussion APM Octocopter Thread
"I've just built an Octo using APM 2.5. After calibrations, i did a PID setting test (fastening a pole along one axis). The Octo is fairly stable. But i have no control over the perpendicular axis (be it roll or pitch). Can anyone please advice on…"
Oct 1, 2012