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Just finished my new Quad



After beta testing in early 2011 I had some bad crashes and my concept of precise machined and glued carbon did not pay off. It was almost impossible to replace broken parts. This made me think of a different concept.

Few parts that can be used all over the frame.

All parts easy replacable.

Stiff construction.

Ok, it took me a while but now the parts are ready for assembly.




And this is the main part:



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A rainy weekend in Switzerland

After reading the "unboxing ArduCopter" the rainy weekend came just right. I already made some drawings in the mornings when waiting to wakeup the kids at 7.

Some drawings, parts, testcuts

The machine

Some parts

Some more parts

The result


More details

This is it. I hope to have the maidenflight soon.

Thanks to all ArduCopter people for the inspiration and the code.

Cheers Christof

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