Just finished my new Quad



After beta testing in early 2011 I had some bad crashes and my concept of precise machined and glued carbon did not pay off. It was almost impossible to replace broken parts. This made me think of a different concept.

Few parts that can be used all over the frame.

All parts easy replacable.

Stiff construction.

Ok, it took me a while but now the parts are ready for assembly.




And this is the main part:



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  • After loading 2.5.5 and cellar take off I had a nice flip. I took the quad in my hand and thottled up to find out what's wrong. After 20sec it would have flipped again. Reboot, same procedure. Would have flipped after 20sec.

    I smell a bad burned plastic smell.

    After inspecting I found ALL four CC10 controllers with melted heatshrink. My current log showd 25A for hover. Thats 6A per controller. Version 2.5.4. worked very well with the same current.

    Obviously the CC10 does not like the APM2 Ver 2.5.5.

    Does somebody have similar results with overheated ESC's or an explanation why 2.5.5. might overstress some controllers? Or is it just bad luck what happend to my ESC's?






  • It's already there on the frontside of upper deck, it's just a bit small in this release.  

  • Congratulations for your fine design! Do you forsee an addition for a camera holder in the lower part of the quad?

  • Thanks for the flowers. The carbon parts are CNC cut and "homemade". The clamps have been on a water jet cutter from 6mm alloy sheet.

    Yesterday I had my "cellar - maiden - flight". The APM mount needs some improvement due to vibrations, otherwise the concept seems to work out quite well.3692414679?profile=original3692414709?profile=original3692414585?profile=original    

  • pretty cool,you made it by yourself?

  • Swiss Precision :) very nice !

  • I like the static pressure resistance before breaking at certain angles.

  • nice and clean.


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