Tucson, AZ

About Me:

I am Vice President of Aerial Robotics Club at the University of Arizona, but I'm also a budding RC hobbyist.

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

I am interested in aerial photography, and autonomous flight.


Tucson, AZ

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Christopher Ramos commented on sander's blog post Autonomous 60KM flight of the DeltaQuad VTOL
"That's amazing. Are there any unique challenges associated with using a flying wing + quadplane configuration? How well does it respond to pitch inputs?"
Dec 5, 2016
Christopher Ramos commented on Mauricio's blog post Aeromapper Talon for wildlife research and precision agriculture
"It's cool to see products like this commercialized. Are you running any special kind of Pixhawk code or is it straight APM/PX4?"
Nov 14, 2016
Christopher Ramos commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Next-generation FPGA flight controllers coming
"What's the advantage of having one super-powerful flight controller that handles sensors and high level computing, versus having one relatively simple autopilot with a companion computer like a Raspberry Pi? Wouldn't it be better for reliability's…"
Nov 9, 2016
Christopher Ramos posted a discussion
Can I power a Pixhawk solely from the USB port of an onboard raspberry pi? I don't see why I couldn't considering the pi can output up to 1.2 amps from its USB port, but several sites I've read online have dismissed the notion of USB power as…
Jul 10, 2016
Christopher Ramos posted a discussion
In DroneAPI it's easy to retrieve the APM's location, speed, and altitude, but is there any way to get the raw IMU data as well?For example, to get the current location you'd print "v.location"Is there an equivalent for the IMU, like "v.imu" ?
May 6, 2015
Christopher Ramos replied to Christopher Ramos's discussion Send APM2 status data using MavLink + Serial
"There isn't a command that will easily decode the messages into human readable text? I am already receiving the messages, but they are gibberish until they are decoded. I was thinking there might be a function where you give it the encoded text and…"
Mar 3, 2015
Christopher Ramos posted a discussion
I'm currently working on a project where I need an APM2 to send its status data (RC inputs, attitude & IMU data, etc) to a beaglebone over serial connection. My question is, how do I get the APM to send that data over mavlink, and then have the…
Feb 27, 2015