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Craig Johnson commented on matt.koestner's blog post 3DR Pixhawk- powered DJI S1000
"Hi Matt,
I'm doing a similar setup and am curious if you have any other tips. It flies... okay. It's pretty squirrely and I have the roll/pitch sensitivity and feel turned down almost all of the way. I have not tried AutoTune yet.
Yaw is also very…"
Apr 26, 2017
Craig Johnson posted a discussion
I recently Pixhawked a DJI S1000 and while it does fly, I find it very hard to maintain control of. I've been meaning to do the auto tune but I don't quite yet trust it not to fly away or crash, both of which it has done on its own. I've been flying…
Apr 17, 2017
Craig Johnson posted a discussion
I am Pixhawk-ing an S1000 and am looking for some servo wires that have Futaba J female connectors (with the guide tabs) on BOTH ends. I bought some JR style wires but these connector are ever so slightly wider than Futaba and it becomes very hard…
Apr 6, 2017