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Coax dodeca-copter on Arducopter 2.x

Hi guys, I've been grounded for a while (due to a motor that I was too lazy to fix) but I'm back now, and I have questions.

I'd like to eventually make my current hexa-copter, into a coaxial 12 rotor machine; a dodeca-copter. I was wondering if anyone

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Uncontrollable Leftward Yaw.

Hi, guys. I have a problem with my hexacopter yawing constantly to the left. I've tried trimming it out on the Transmitter but apparently I can't get enough trim from that alone.

It has an Arducopter Flight controller running the latest 2.x firmware (

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Motors spin immediately upon arming.

Hi guys, I had to reset all my parameters to default due to something getting changed while trying to get retractable landing gear installed. I've forgotten exactly what got changed, but I've gotten it mostly back to normal. Except i don't know how t

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APM 2.8 Retractable Landing gear issue.

Hi all, I'm  upgrading my Ironman FY690s Hexacopter, with a set on retractable landing gear. I can't seem to get it to work. My Autopilot is running APM 2.8 it flies well, but the landing gear is a new addition. I have a Radiolink AT10 Tx paired to a

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Problem with Hexacopter using APM 2.8


I recently purchased a Tarot 690s hexacopter , it was partially assembled (e.i the ESCs and UBEC were already soldered to the PDB). The Flight controller is an Arducopter APM 2.8 and the TX/RX combo is The RadioLink AT10 and RadioLink R10D. Th

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