Kingston, Ontario

About Me:

I've been an aviation enthusiast my entire life. I earned my pilot's license at the age of 17 and am now studying Aeronautical Engineering at the Royal Military College. I love all the parts of drone design: from airframe design to autopilot coding.

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

I wanted to design, build, program and (eventually) fly (if that's the right word to use) my own UAV. I know I'm jumping straight into the deep end, having only flown RTF electrics, but want to learn as much as I can in the process. So far I've designed, built and flown my airframe and coded a working autopilot script for it in X-Plane.


Moose Jaw, Sask.

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David B posted a discussion in ArduPilot (legacy) User Group
Hi allI've been trying to get my board (the old, red, sparkfun one) to listen to my receiver but CH 4 doesn't move. Testing it with a multimeter, I found that the 4 IN pin is being shorted to the VCC. I'm assuming this is the reason reading the…
Feb 20, 2012
David B posted a discussion
I'm getting closer and closer to being ready to test my UAV, but I still have one failure case nagging the back of my mind: what to do if the board resets in mid-air and clears the DCM matrix? I mean, I don't plan on having mid-air resets, but what…
Sep 14, 2011
David B replied to William Premerlani's discussion robust estimator of the direction cosine matrix
"Hello everyone
I'm new to this hobby, and kind of jumping straight into the deep end, but I have some questions about what a section of your code does. I'm not very fluent in the C family (yet), but I haven't been able to find what the 'union…"
Jan 12, 2011