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Electronic Engineer working for a defence contractor, havent yet started the personal UAV journey, lurking forums learning and soaking up info before I put my skills to use :)

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

Very interested in developing first a FPV system then using that platform to develop a UAV capable system with live feed video and telemetry, with a real interest in Search and Rescue applications of UAV (in the future)

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David Grant commented on Timothy Reuter's blog post An Open Letter to Google Chairman Eric Schmidt on Drones
May 15, 2013
David Grant commented on Paul's blog post Maybe we will no longer need batteires soon ? Scientists unlock nature's hydrogen secrets!
""I think nowadays that we know enough that we're not going to be sending electrical power over the air.  Open air is really not a good conductor for electrical fields.  Radio stations put out 10's of thousands of watts, and we all know there's no…"
Nov 9, 2012