The secret of photosynthesis

Two researchers at the ANU have used computer modelling to discover a natural method of producing cheap and limitless hydrogen. The chemists have identified the molecular process by which plants photosynthesise, that is, use light to convert carbon dioxide and water into sugar.

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  • "I think nowadays that we know enough that we're not going to be sending electrical power over the air.  Open air is really not a good conductor for electrical fields.  Radio stations put out 10's of thousands of watts, and we all know there's no way to power any device from it."

    Wasn't there wireless power transfer testing performed back in the 1970's attaining 75% to 82% efficiency at a TX power of 30kW over a distance of 1.5k?  Quite a different sort of radiation pattern compared to radio stations, but yeah it has been done and worked too.. your safety comment is valid as you've basically got a giant focused microwave!

  • you can get them up to 10 KW and larger, with a variety of voltages 48, 96 etc.

    I have the H30 and the hydrofill also, but want the H200

  • Next generation, should be more powerful, and of course they need to do 12V.

  • it will charge my HTC cell phone 3 times

  • not really, they eqate it to about 10 AA bats

  • Ok, I found it on the net.  $99, and $12 per cartridge.

    What's the rated mha on it, do you know?

  • Kevin, that's really neat.  Where did you get such a small H2 fuel cell from, and how much does it cost?

  • Radio energy harvesting

    There is also a project looking at charging electric cars with inductive charging embedded in the roadways! 

    My smallest hydrogen fuel cell weights a bit over 200 grams with 10 liters of hydrogen storage.

    it will run just an APM2 with nothing else attached for 3.5 days.  I connected my Y6 with X9 receiver, zigbee 900mhz transmitting data 2 full size servos and a flycamone attached  it lasted 5.5 hours.



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