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multi channel telemetry w 3dr V2

It's been ages since I've been here so I'm not up on the latest.

I know there's been discussions about multi-channel coms with these radios, I think there was a few years ago, but I can't find anything useful.

I have one ground station and several remo

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An Important Restriction?

I was walking through downtown yesterday, in a crowded downtown "promenade". A downtown area of about 4 sque blocks in a big city where the streets are closed to vehicular traffic.

All of a sudden I came up on a crowd. In the middle of the crowd was w

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Alt Hold Just can't get it!

This flight is short. And I should have tested from higher up!

I have everything working except alt hold. I can't find a combination of gains that work. It always oscilates.

This time, I put it in loiter, it was stable for about 2 seconds, but when it

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Don't think I'm complaining....

In general, the whole area of UAV development is still pretty disorganized, particularly, I come from another forum, and have been developing a high payload scratch built quad using some famous cloned boards.

And they work well, and specifically are l

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