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Thermal or IR based stock counting?

So before I start this, please let me know if I am reiventing the wheel. If there are already reasonable solutions out there please stop me and let me know!

Our farms have cattle and sheep. I would like a drone similar to the LA100 series from Lehmann

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Firmware not upgrading?

I see there is a 3.3 upgrade. I do the whole upgrade through USB. It installs and then verifies. I do all the accelerator and compass calibration. It seems to install via both the firmware install and via the wizard. But when I restart my quad it alw

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Buying my first quadcopter

Well technically its my second. My first was a really cheap $50 mini quadcopter which lasted about as long as you would expect a cheap quadcopter to last.

So Im buying one and there seems to be a fair priced one in my local town. I was wondering if an

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