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Deepak replied to Dave Williams's discussion Using AUX pins as relays for CHDK
"Hi Nejc,
Did u move around 1 meter and test if its triggering for cam_Trigg_dist.
It might be triggering randomly because of gps variations, when gps loses or gains a sat signal there will be distance change so it triggers, try changing distance to…"
May 17, 2015
Deepak replied to Deepak's discussion Canon camera (with chdk) triggers randomly while using pixhawk
"Hey Phil Simpson,
I've done the common ground wiring from pixhawk to the circuit,
used this ciruit after the SparkFun 5V Step-Up  converter didn't workout,
also the triggering is shown in mission planner hud,user items Ch 7 out, pwm changes from…"
May 17, 2015
Deepak posted a discussion
Hi my name is deepakI'm using pixhawk to trigger my canon sx230 hs using chdk on ch7 on pixhawkwhile doing auto missions i'm noticing the number of pictures taken by camera is not equal to the number of times pxhawk has triggered the camera, the…
May 17, 2015