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Diamond K. commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Solar-powered launch system allows totally unattended operation
"Very cool concept.  Would you be able to balance LiPo's using this kind of charging pad? "
Feb 18, 2016
Diamond K. replied to Randy's discussion Optical Flow discussion thread

I've had the exact same bad altitude problem on my quad (w/PX4Flow and Lidar Lite).  Same as you, I've had the altitude value slowly/steadily climb while the quad is sitting on the bench and while hovering as well (at a height 1-3 meters).…"
Nov 30, 2015
Diamond K. commented on Daniel Nugent's blog post Precision Land ArduCopter
"Great work Daniel.  Did you use any kind of vibration dampening (or gimbal) to help keep the c920 from producing "jello-like" video or was it able to focus on the concentric circles with the camera just hard mounted to the frame?  "
Nov 10, 2015
Diamond K. commented on Randy's blog post Copter-3.3 ready for wider use
"Congratulations on 3.3.  Thanks for all your hard work.  "
Sep 29, 2015
Diamond K. replied to Bim's discussion Indoor navigation with ArduCopter in ArduCopter User Group
"@Bim  I have a similar situation.  I'm trying to fly an quad indoors with an Optical Flow sensor (PX4Flow) and a Rangefinder (LIDAR Lite) using the 3.3RC10 firmware.  I'm able to takeoff in Loiter mode (which, from what I understand, is the only…"
Sep 25, 2015
Diamond K. replied to Espen S's discussion Communicating with APM through MavProxy - problem sending messages
"Was having the same problem -- thanks so much for posting this!  I couldn't find this anywhere.  
For anyone else that happens upon this, MAVproxy "listens" on a random UDP port that (per above) you can determine from any message that MAVproxy sends…"
Jul 20, 2015
Diamond K. replied to Matthew Reimer's discussion Apm Rover in tractor setup. in ArduRover User Group
"Really cool project.  When using my rover in my yard, I've had so many drive aways using my APM 2.6 that I'm looking to use my dog's underground fence receiver collar as an independent geofence failsafe (before I put any additional hardware on the…"
May 18, 2015
Diamond K. posted a discussion
Can anyone point me in the right direction to purchase a modest tether system for multi-rotor aircraft (or instructions for building one) to aid in safely testing code while airborne?  I need a system that will eliminate the need for batteries…
May 14, 2015
Diamond K. replied to Wilhelm Matilainen's discussion Serial to UDP or TCP in Telemetry over cellular IP
"I've encountered situations where, when re-opening a serial connection to the Pixhawk in Linux using mavutil, the Pixhawk will simply stop providing data and the mavutil function recv_msg() will endlessly return "None".  It seems like the Pixhawk's…"
Apr 3, 2015
Diamond K. replied to Wilhelm Matilainen's discussion Serial to UDP or TCP in Telemetry over cellular IP
"Thanks for posting this.  I'm interested in your blog post "Pixhawk's serial device named automatically"... does this technique dynamically re-assign the Pixhawk to /dev/pixhawk if the pixhawk crashes and comes back as a different serial device name…"
Mar 25, 2015
Diamond K. replied to Conor Mulvenna's discussion pymavlink usage on Raspberry Pi
"I'd be curious to know this as well... Can the Pixhawk accept local data (e.g. Camera images from the pi) to send out via the Pixhawk's telemetry_2 port? I think most people in this scenario are using GSM or Wi-FI on the Pi to send out camera data,…"
Feb 13, 2015
Diamond K. replied to Conor Mulvenna's discussion pymavlink usage on Raspberry Pi
"It seemed pretty straightforward to get my Pixhawk recognized in my python script using pymavlink. Can you paste your code and the error message you're getting?  Similar to the other comments in this thread, after you install pymavlink, you should…"
Feb 9, 2015
Diamond K. replied to Diamond K.'s discussion Change Heartbeat Rate in qGroundControl?
"Just saw this in the QGroundControl source code:  

     /** @brief Heartbeat emission rate, in Hertz (times per second) */     #define MAVLINK_HEARTBEAT_DEFAULT_RATE 1

Perhaps there is no setting in QGC to change the heartbeat rate and you simply…"
Jan 2, 2015
Diamond K. posted a discussion
Is there any way to change how often qGroundControl expects to receive a heartbeat message from the APM?I saw this note in the Developer's Section, but I still don't see a setting in qGroundControl to change the expected Heartbeat rate.   MAVLink is…
Dec 23, 2014