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A Move in the Right Direction?


There is much chatter as of late to possible leaks of FAA information in reference to the move towards establishing formal rules for drone use.  This morning I came across "Government proposes rules for routine use of drones" reported by Fox News. 



Video Reporting here.



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Ambulance Drone' ... a flying defibrillator!


JUST AMAZING! A Dutch-based engineering student has revealed a prototype 'Ambulance Drone' ... a flying defibrillator

It can fly at speeds up to 100 kms per hour and tracks emergency mobile calls using GPS to navigate.

If an ambulance took 10 minutes to reach a cardiac arrest patient, the chance of survival is only 8%. But the drone can get a defibrillator to a patient inside a 12 km sq zone within a minute, increasing the chance of survival to 80%.

Once at the scene, an operator, like a paramedic, can watch, talk and instruct those helping the victim by using an on-board camera connected to a control room.

Visit for more information.

Ambulance Drone

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For those of you who have been attempting to get 6 flight modes out of your Spektrum radio, I have finally figured a method to make it work with the "Flap" and "Elev D/R" toggle switches. I won't bore you with details but attached are my instructions to reconfigure your radio (mine is a DX7s) to allow only one channel to be used to toggle up to 6 modes. I prefer to keep Channel 7 available for other things.

These are the values (PWM) I came up with

Elev D/R – 0                 Flap – 0                      Mission Planner – Flight Mode 6                PWM - 1932
                                                  1                                                                            3                              1395
                                                  2                                                                            1                              1136

Elev D/R – 1                 Flap – 0                      Mission Planner – Flight Mode 5                PWM - 1715
                                                  1                                                                            4                              1530
                                                  2                                                                            2                              1299


Doug W.

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I have some real concerns about this article.  Although this article talks about commercial hijacking, I feel this could very well happen to me and other hobbyists.  And what can DIY Drones help develop to reduce this probability?



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