For those of you who have been attempting to get 6 flight modes out of your Spektrum radio, I have finally figured a method to make it work with the "Flap" and "Elev D/R" toggle switches. I won't bore you with details but attached are my instructions to reconfigure your radio (mine is a DX7s) to allow only one channel to be used to toggle up to 6 modes. I prefer to keep Channel 7 available for other things.

These are the values (PWM) I came up with

Elev D/R – 0                 Flap – 0                      Mission Planner – Flight Mode 6                PWM - 1932
                                                  1                                                                            3                              1395
                                                  2                                                                            1                              1136

Elev D/R – 1                 Flap – 0                      Mission Planner – Flight Mode 5                PWM - 1715
                                                  1                                                                            4                              1530
                                                  2                                                                            2                              1299


Doug W.

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  • This worked perfectly to get 5 of 6 modes. To get the last I changed the Aux 1 sub trim to 65- from 75- shown above. Hope this helps someone. 

  • Hi Doug,

    I reset the model back to the previous settings.  I just ran through it again, and now I can't even get the PW values to change by toggling the Elev/Flap switches...  Not sure what I'm missing here.

    I couldn't seem to attach a file to this response, so I placed it here.

    Thanks for the assistance!


  • Warren, please post you configuration file and I will look it over.

  • Ok, I completely reset the model in the DX7S and the results are still the same...

    I can see the PWM values change in the Radio Calibration tab when toggling the Elev & Flap switches, but the Gear switch still toggles between FM1 & FM6, but the Elev & Flap don't change the FMs...

    Any ideas?  Must be missing something simple here...


  • Hi Doug, this is fantastic as I'm trying to get my ch7 back for camera triggering...

    Fyi, my previous setup was using the Gear and Flap to get the 6 modes..

    I've followed your instructions, and I can see the values change appropriately in the Radio Calibration tab in MP.  Albeit, my values are on average ~20 below yours.  Regardless, they are still in the correct range.  The problem is it's not changing the Flight Modes.  I'm sure part of the problem is that my Gear switch is still 'active' somehow and the FM changes between FM 1 & 6 when it's toggled.  I'm sure I've reset all of the servo and mixing settings for the previous configuration, so I'm kind of at a loss what else to check...

    Any suggestions or tips would be greatly appreciated.

    Warren M

  • I had a crack and got to here: http://diydrones.com/group/ardurover-user-group/forum/topics/gettin...

    I did exactly what you did - reviewed what other folks (namely you) used to setup their settings, then a lot of trial and error!!!

  • MikeRover, I ran into the same snag with lack of supporting documentation on the Spektrum radio.  What I did do was review what other folks used to set up their settings and then a lot of trial and error.  I did connect my drone to the Mission Planner softer and as I adjusted mixing and trim settings, observe the affect on the Flight Mode menu.  Once tweaked, I then performed flight control checks then low altitude flight testing to ensure I had no crazy affects when switching modes.  Sorry that I am not able to help too much.  Good Luck. 

  • Is there any useful documentation anywhere on what all the Spektrum parameters mean?  This is cool, and I'll be implementing it, but I'd also like to play some more with driving spare Rover channels (elevator and aileron) with the D/R switches. 


    I got it setup last night so I can have elevator switch from -100% to +100% via the mix switch, and aileron from -100% to 0%, but that was more trial and error than anything else. The Spektrum manual is very basic.  Is there a "mix, trim and switch" tutorial somewhere?  How did you nut all this out?

  • T3

    Oh nice, I've been mixing gear with flap for years to get 6 positions.  I've been running the knob on channel 6/7.  This is nicer, one more channel.

  • I do not own one, but I'd say yes.  Recommend you backup your radio parameters for the wing you are flying then make the changes and test fly it.  If it doesn't configure and work for you, you can import you saved parameters over top the latest one and be back to what you have.  Please let me know if it works for you.

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